- Automaically Control Soft Faucet Valve by Added Touch Screen Style.

Using Hyundai Wacortec high technology, we have made a high quality water purifier that is very easy and convenient to control the soft faucet valve with the use of static electrical touch screen sensor.

Touch screen Style of Auto soft Faucet Valve

- Alkali Reduction Filter

The filter for general water purifiers is based on less than pH8.0~8.5 and ORP -100~-200 while as for alkali reduced water for medical use it is produced so that oxidation resistance can be heightened by enabling to create pH 8.3~9.5 and ORP -200~-350, and also it is manufactured as a filter having the physical function of decomposing and softening solids (high molecule substances) most basically.
Rising of hydrogen ion concentration (pH)
Increase of oxidation resistance
Lowering of oxidation reduction potential(-ORP)
Most basic elimination of the generating factors of lime ingredients

- Tempered glass panel in front

The front of the product is covered with tempered glass panel and disigned to cushion the impact more. As a result, the product prevents safety-accident.


1. Anti-diabets
2. Anti-Skin aging and Atopy
3. Removal of constipation
4. Removal of free radical
5. Removal of Cholesterol