Vitamin Shower Power

Water Softner for Bathroom

High - power & Vitaminized

Rising up water pressure

Removal of the residual chlorine

Effect of Vitamin C

Magnetized water

Aroma therapy

Release of Far-infrared radiation

Soft Touch and Mist shower effect

Risingh Water pressure by the special perforated watering plate

The Vitamin Shower Power has a special perforated watering plate which sprays water softly like a mist for soft touch. and it makes effect of boosting water pressure and saving water.

Generating rich Anion.(Lenard effect )

The Lenard effect signify a generating of anion during the separation of electric charges accompanying the aerodynamic breakup of water drops. The Vitamin shower power produces anion through the Lenard effect which helps blood circulation and fatigue recovery during the showe

Create synergy effect with Vita shower filter

Removal of Residual Chlorine and Effective on Atopic dermatitis by Vitamin C


Removal of Residual Chlorine by Vitamin C

Vitamin C


Effective moisturizing (prevention of dry skin)

Aromatic herbal scent will lessen your stress and ease your mind during the shower.

Antioxidant effect / Anti-aging / Elastic Skin / Skin Care (Whitening) by Vitamin C

Magnetized water

Functional magnetic makes Magnetized water which can vitalize the biological magnetic field. It helps relief of fatigue. and let more water absorb into the cell.


Magnetized water

Antibacterial negative ion ball

Antibacterial negative ion ball

Antibacterial negative ion ball sterilize harmful virus and coliform bacillus and absorb impurities in water for hygienic use. and it emits Far-infrared radiation which is helpful to promote blood circulation for improving skin conditions during shower. it can be used semipermanently without replacement.