Vitamin Shower Filter

Water filters for bathroom

Vitamin protects Skin

Hyundai Wacortec co., ltd is Hi-Seoul brand enterprise that is certified for superior technologies and products by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Water used for Precious Skin!
Vitamin Shower Filter protects your skin.

Vitamin C + Aroma Therapy

Removal of the residual chlorine in Tap Water!
Effect of Aroma Therapy!
Skin whitening & Moisturizing!

“Skin feels happy”

Removal of the residual chlorine in Tap Water!
Effective on Skin ailment such as Atopic dermatitis

Effect of Vitamin C!
Anit-aging / Skin whitening / Elastic

Effect of Aroma Therapy!
Sedative effect by Aroma / Improvement of Concentration / Release Stress

Effective moisturizing!
Glycerin ingredient in Vita Shower Filter protects skin dry after the shower, and relieves the pull of skins by evaporation of moisture.

Product information

Model Number : Vitamin Shower Filter
Use For : Replacement filter
Size : 142mm
Weight : 170g (Vitamin C cartridge : Approx. 60g)
Color : White (semitransparency)

How to connect Vitamin Shower Filter

Connect to the Water Supply

Available to connect to the water supply directly and then connect to the shower hose